Can Passion Last in a Long-Term Marriage? 5

Hollywood has finally addressed this issue in a real way. Not by introducing an extramarital affair into the relationship, abusing substances, or running away. Vanessa Taylor writes about this difficult topic for the movie Hope Springs, with Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones.

This is a couple for whom their marriage has become stale. Kay (Meryl Streep) is lonely and unhappy, and finally has the courage to speak up and insist on couple’s therapy. Arnold (Tommy Lee Jones), resists the idea but does attend the therapy program with Kay.

This movie shows the realistic ups and downs of their process to become more intimate again. It shows the courage it takes to be honest and the setbacks that are inevitable. It reveals their discomfort addressing sexual issues. It’s an authentic portrayal of a marriage that is falling apart and their efforts to save it.

I highly recommend this movie for couple’s and singles. Finally, Hollywood has gotten it right!

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